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“You have an intuitive sense about what my body needs each time I receive a massage. The deep muscle work, assisted stretching and relaxed pace always make for an excellent massage experience.”    David W.


Review From.  ‎Tammy Graham‎ to Zachary Cox

I have a husband that swore he would never go to a massage therapist, in fact he doesn't even have the shoulder massage offered by his hair stylist. When he injured himself and couldn't get full range of motion in his neck anymore (and of course wouldn't go to a doctor either) I finally had enough. I scheduled an appointment for him with Zac (no I didn't tell my husband) and that Saturday I told my husband we had plans together for lunch, my treat. I drove him to Zac's office (at this point I had told him where he was going) and let Zac do his thing. 

When my husband finished he was feeling good again and had his range of motion back. All the way home he kept thanking me and (well half the way, as he did fall asleep on the way home). Now my husband is a believer and has told people that if you haven't tried a massage you don't know what you're missing. Zac transformed my husband and got me brownie points for my gift to him.

If you have a husband like mine (lovable but stubborn) schedule the appointment for your husband and take him yourself. It's the best Valentines Day gift you could give him.

Thank you Zac

Tammy Graham, (Jaqua Realtor)

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